The athlete recruitment website in Panama offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to aspiring athletes, providing a seamless pathway to connect with opportunities in the sports industry.


In summary, the website serves as a dynamic hub, offering a range of services to support and guide athletes in Panama through the recruitment process, opening doors to opportunities both locally and internationally.

Services Offered:

  1. Unified Recruitment Management: The platform streamlines athlete recruitment processes, offering collegiate athletic departments and sports organizations in Panama a unified solution for managing recruitments, compliance, and process automation.

  2. International Athletic Evaluation: Through partnerships like NSR International, the website facilitates free athletic evaluations, guiding athletes through the recruitment process and connecting them with relevant opportunities internationally.

  3. Online Networking and Exposure: Utilizing platforms like beRecruited, the website acts as a networking destination for high school student-athletes in Panama, providing exposure and connection opportunities with college coaches and universities.

  4. Tailored Athletic Questionnaires: Athletes interested in competing at specific institutions can express their interest by filling out athletic questionnaires for their selected sports, enabling personalized recruitment interactions.

  5. Profile Building and Coach Connection: Platforms like SportsRecruits empower athletes to build free profiles, find suitable schools, and connect directly with college coaches, putting athletes in control of their recruiting journey.

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